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  • Not an enemy, but an opportunity

The participants of the “EHI Innovation Tour” recently visited the USA. In his travelogue Tim Böker takes an exciting look at how US retailers use Omnichannel offers in in-store retail.


  • Is the German retail sector surrendering to Amazon?

To counter the decline in customer numbers in their stores, more and more retailers are setting up Amazon Lockers in their stores. From the perspective of logistics expert Heribert Trunk, however, this strategy has decisive weaknesses.



  • Scrap trade via app turns the conversation into a market

Scrappel, a platform for the recyclables trade, shows what a marketplace can look like. Instead of copying traditional trading platforms, the company relies on usability reminiscent of WhatsApp. The reason for this is that talks are of great importance in scrap metal trading.


#Online Grocery

  • Boom in online grocery is a long time coming

Online Grocery does not really get off the spot – this is the verdict of the market research company GfK. From the company’s point of view, one of the reasons for this is that online shopping is often more complicated for city dwellers than a quick visit to one of the many shops in the neighborhood.



  • B2B e-commerce and user experience: Stealing smart from B2C

While online trading in the B2C segment has been developing steadily for decades, the B2B sector is still in its infancy in many areas. What can B2B learn from B2C? And at what points should the approaches differ? Brian Beck answers these questions in his blog post.



  • Cashier-less payment: Really an advantage for the customers?

While Walmart recently stopped its cashless test program “Scan&Go”, MediaMarktSaturn is experimenting with similar solutions in a branch in Innsbruck – with an uncertain outcome. What can we learn from these projects? The blog “changelog” tries to answer.



  • Bonial HDE study: 5 tips for the mobile future of retail

Bonial and Handelsverband Deutschland have published a new retail study. The blog “Supermarkt Inside” presents five tips derived from the study on how in-store retail can benefit from the possibilities of digitization.


  • This Is What Consumers Do While They’re Shopping Online

What else do customers do while shopping online? This question has now been investigated in a study by Namogoo. The most frequent answers: working, doing household chores and in-store comparison shopping.


  • IBM study: The majority of companies see GDPR as an opportunity

GDPR finally came into force on 25 May. But even after this deadline, the Regulation should continue to keep companies busy. According to a recent IBM survey, more than every second company sees the adjusted rules as an opportunity – for example to generate new business models.


Image source: Pixabay